Penny Lawrence, MA, LLP, CCS-M, CAADC

Life is difficult and life has joy. As complex human beings there are several influences in our lives that can impact our mental health. These influences include our family of origin, childhood experiences, biochemistry, environmental settings, society, culture, and our own intra-psychic structure that tells us who we are and where we find worth. Sometimes these influences can distort our own views and how we value ourselves and others. It can be difficult to discern emotions, feelings, and thoughts especially when copings skills are limited, and we continue to face multiple stressors. I believe as human beings we all could seek out and find resilience, healing, and compassion for ourselves if we are willing to do the inner work that is necessary. My goal is to provide a safe place for you to learn and process your concerns.

I am a limited licensed psychologist and a certified advanced addiction counselor. I am also certified as a clinical supervisor via the Michigan Board of Addiction professionals. I am supervised by a fully licensed psychologist. I have worked in several clinical settings (out-patient clinics, non-profit organizations, community mental health, home-based, and private practice) and have worked with a diverse group of clients. I have specialized training in trauma, addictions, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, family therapy, relational difficulties, psychological testing, and testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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